Problem: Crypto-Native Money

Crypto needs a decentralized base money asset and censorship-resistant savings instrument.

Palladium has been built to address the largest and most obvious immediate need within crypto.

While DeFi aims to build a parallel financial system, stablecoins that are a huge part of the ecosystem remain tied to traditional banking infrastructure.

To realize the true scale of decentralization, crypto must break free from traditional infrastructure and its susceptibility to manipulation.

Palladium tackles this immediate need in crypto. Palladium strives to provide a scalable, crypto-native form of money for a truly decentralized financial system.

For any functional truly decentralized financial system to work at scale, a stable asset not reliant on legacy banking infrastructure is required for both transactional money, as well providing the core collateral for funding. Without a decentralized and stable reserve asset, both centralized & decentralized order books are inherently fragile.

Centralized Exchanges are in desperate need of a reliable and transparent stable asset for their order books, and DeFi faces ongoing existential risk by relying on USDC or RWAs with a centralized kill-switch. Reducing the reliance on the traditional banking system for the role stablecoin infrastructure plays in the space is, in our view, the single most important issue facing crypto today.

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